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SAAC basic camps

SAAC stands for Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps and offers two-day-avalanche tuition for free.

Basic information on the camps

The SAAC basic camps are a two-day-course of basic knowledge about avalanches and the risks off-piste. In these two days the SAAC guides - all of them certified - inform about the dangers and how to behave in the backcountry.

The SAAC basic camps starts with a 3-hour-theoretical part on the first day. On the second day the participants divide into small groups of ten people with a guide for each group and go out into the backcountry.

Participation at an SAAC basic camp is for free as well as the rental of avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. Transport and accomodation is not included. Please contact your travel agent or the local tourism office. 

Participants at all SAACs have to be at least 14 years old and to be able to ski or board off-piste. Attention: this is not a skiing or snowboarding lesson but an avalanche course. Per camp 50 people are allowed to participate.

Theoretical part (1st day):

*types of avalanches
*European danger scale
*group dynamics

What to bring:
about 3 hours time

Practical part (2nd day):

*how to get a weather report
*how to get an avalanche report
*risk management
*terrain check
*danger check
*risk judgement
*how to behave off-piste
*how to use emergency gear
*what to do in case of an emergency
*how to help somebody entombed

What to bring:

your snowboarding or skiing gear
a backpack to carry shovel and probe


You can get a liftpass for the practical part at a lower rate at the time of registration. Please state immediatly at registration if you need a liftpass or if you already have one. Liftpasses have to be paid at registration.


Follow the link and choose a date and location that fits you. At the end of each camp-site you'll find the "Anmeldung"-button. 

Camps in English:
Silvretta Montafon
üssener Jöchle


The camps are held in German. We also offer some camps in English, please check our dates on the website.